The Republican Women Southern Nevada (RWSN) Political Action Committee (PAC) was created by women dedicated to helping elect Republican candidates in Nevada.  Through our collective talents and resources RWSN PAC focuses on key state and local races.

We draw our support from the Nevada Federation Republican Women in Southern Nevada. NvFRW is known statewide as a volunteer grassroots organization working to promote a responsible government in Nevada.

As a Political Action Committee, RWSN PAC is a conduit for our clubs and members to raise funds for candidates. To further this purpose, the PAC is empowered to solicit, directly or indirectly, and accept, voluntary club, personal, corporate or PAC contributions, and to make expenditures through the PAC Board in connection with the election of Republicans to any State or Local office.  The PAC and the PAC Board shall be independent of, and from, any campaign committee, candidate or elected official.

You can help elect Republican Candidates by donating to the RWSN PAC. Please use the DONATE button above or below or utilize our mailing address to send your check.

Make checks payable to:


Attn: Treasurer, RWSN PAC

PO Box 34703, Las Vegas, NV  89182

The RWSN PAC (Republican Women Southern Nevada PAC) came into existence when, under Ross Miller’s term as Secretary of State, political clubs were no longer allowed to contribute directly to candidates.    The RWSN PAC was formed in 2012 by reaching out to all the southern NvFRW (Nevada Federation of Republican Women) clubs with the goal of all the clubs uniting to contribute to local and state candidates.

In the first three years we raised over $125,000 for our candidates by holding three galas to raise funds.

To understand who we are you need to know a little about our history.  The Republican women’s clubs began many years before women even had the right to vote . . . “to foster and encourage loyalty to the Republican Party and the ideals for which it stands – to promote education along political lines – to encourage closer cooperation between independent groups and the regular party organization, which are working for the same objectives, namely sound government – to promote an interchange of ideas and experiences of various clubs to the end that the policies which have proven particularly effective in one state may be adopted in another – and to encourage a national attitude and national approach to the problems facing the Republican Party.”

Biennial national conventions have been held in cities across the nation, with U.S. presidents and vice presidents, first ladies, cabinet members, legislators, party leaders, political experts, and celebrities attending. Presidential candidates never miss these meetings.  They know that these women are the GOP’s grassroots activists.

Programs such as NFRW’s Campaign Management School, candidate seminars, and polling schools have trained literally thousands of Republican women and men to help elect GOP candidates.  Communities throughout the nation have benefited from the volunteer services of such programs as NFRW’s Caring for America and literacy programs which NvFRW clubs sponsor to this day here in Nevada.

Millions of American women, ages 19 to 90, have helped shape our nation through wartime and peace, through depression and prosperity, through good times and bad – all through the National Federation of Republican Women.

The RWSN PAC is comprised of the Federation clubs in southern Nevada.  Subsequent to forming our PAC a northern PAC was formed to encompass the northern clubs as well and we are united in our efforts for the betterment of Nevada.