Lynn Armanino, Chairman

Lynn Armanino, Chairman –Starting a bookkeeping business in the 1980’s, it grew to service Marin and San Francisco counties in California.  In 1990 she and her husband, Richard, formed a successful sales representative business with one division selling to the gift industry in California and Nevada and a second division selling polyurethane/polyethylene packaging nation-wide.  She was the CFO and VP Sales.  After 20 years they sold the business and moved to Nevada where Lynn had already established her own sales organization, Lynn Armanino & Associates, still in existence today.

During that time some of the positions she held in the gift industry were:

  • Educational Committee President, 2007, GHTA (Gift & Home Trade Association)
  • President, PRO (Professional Representatives Organization), 2008
  • GHTA Member of Education Committee Curriculum Development, 2007

On a more personal and social level she was:

  • Treasurer, Benicia Yacht Club, 2003
  • Editor of the Windward, Benicia Yacht Club Newspaper, 2004
  • Winner of the P.I.C.Y.A 2004 Edwin H. Wilder 1st Place for Windward newsletter, 2004

A late comer to the political arena, Lynn has made up for lost time by throwing herself into all aspects of political activities.  Currently Lynn is serving her second term as president of Southern Hills Republican Women for 2015-1016.  In addition, she has:

  • Served as president of Southern Hills RW for the previous 2014-2015 term,
  • Is the Southern Director of NvFRW (Nevada Federation of Republican Women),
  • Leadership Chair for NvFRW, 2016-2017 term,
  • Campaign Director of Southern Hills RW, 2012-2013,
  • Campaign Director of NvFRW, 2013, and
  • Has been a member of the PAC since its inception in 2012.

Newly elected as the RWSN PAC Chairman, Lynn’s vision is to increase awareness of the PAC’s effectiveness and work closer with local and state candidates.  In the first three years, almost $125,000 has been raised and donated to Nevada candidates.  With Lynn’s sales and marketing skills she intends to build on the effectiveness already enjoyed by the RWSN PAC.

Karin R. Lemmon D.V.M., Secretary

Karin has been a Las Vegas resident for twenty-one years. She is an escapee from the East Coast and the formerly Red State of New Hampshire. She and her husband Richard owned two animal hospitals in the Concord (capital) area of New Hampshire. Being appointed by then Governor Sununu to the N.H. Board of Veterinary Medicine was an honor. She also served on the N.H. Veterinary Medical Association in various capacities.

Upon retiring to Las Vegas, Karin had time to become more attuned to what was happening in the world politically. Unfortunately, she had voted for Jimmy Carter while in veterinary college in Georgia, but then gravitated toward Ross Perot and then became an avid Reagan supporter as she “grew up” politically. From then on she was a committed conservative Republican.

Several humane groups in the Las Vegas area benefit from Karin’s volunteer work for low-cost spay and neuter programs for cats and rabbits. Semi-retirement allowed time for her to be a member of the Spring Mountain Republican Women in the Summerlin area and she eventually became the club’s president for two years. She is the Nevada Federation of Republican Women Southern Regents Chair and also serves as secretary for RWSN PAC.

Priscilla Campbell,Treasurer

Priscilla Campbell, Treasurer is a lifelong Republican and has been an active volunteer for the Nevada Republican Party since 2006.  She enjoyed a successful career as an Accounting Manager for a large company in Southern California before moving to Las Vegas in 1992.    She continued her career in Las Vegas as the Controller for a restaurant chain until taking early retirement in 2006.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Management with minors in accounting and computer science.

Priscilla and her husband Jeff share an interest in politics and work together as a team on many political projects and campaigns. They also host fundraisers at their home for candidates and events for her club, Active Republican Women of Las Vegas.   Priscilla and Jeff have three beloved dogs: Buster, Dixie and Molly.

When she began volunteering for the Republican Party in 2006 she spent several years using her accounting skills to assist the Nevada State Party Controller and during that time she began volunteering and supporting state, local, federal and Presidential candidates with their campaigns.

As she continues her volunteering for candidates, she has served or is serving as:

Treasurer for Republican Women of Las Vegas

Treasurer for Active Republican Women of Las Vegas

Budget and Finance Chair for Active Republican Women of Las Vegas

Assistant to two of the Clark County Republican Party Treasurers

Budget and Finance Chair for the Nevada Federation of Republican Women

Current treasurer of the Nevada Federation of Republican Women

Current treasurer of the Republican Women Southern Nevada PAC

She is proud to have been one of the founding members of the Republican Women Southern Nevada PAC (RWSN PAC) in 2012.  She served as treasurer from 2012 to 2015 and since July of 2016 serves as the current treasurer.  She is an ardent supporter of the PAC, believes in and promotes the benefits of women working together towards the common goal of getting Republicans elected!